Writer’s Block: Obstacle or Opportunity

I started writing in earnest in 2010, impassioned enough to launch a blog and put my words out there. Over the past five years I have gained readers and even a few subscribers. I write for a variety of reasons. I write to chronicle key family events, to vent out a particular frustration, to share a tidbit I’ve picked up in my daily life and in that process of getting pen to paper I’ve realized that I write because I love it.

Writing is challenging. I’ll have a story worked out in my head only to lose it by the time I sit down to write. Bits and pieces of it unravel while making dinner, checking homework and answering the phone. Life doesn’t allow me to freeze-frame my world and write my story as I conjure it. Life makes me wait until that perfect story is hazy and chunks have broken off. And that’s okay because the experiences that happen in the midst sometimes serve to enrich the original narrative – provided I can remember it at all!

Those obstacles, life’s interruptions, are the story. Every one of those hurdles is the opportunity; the opportunity to write something else. As long as I can grab a hazy nugget I can always edit it later. My challenge is to keep the narrative alive and get it flowing in and around life’s obstacles and to write it and share it.


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