Referral or Endorsement

I was at a networking meeting today where a member spoke on the difference between referral and endorsement. As a lover of words and nuance, he was speaking my language. On the surface these words are similar, but dig a little deeper and we discover their difference is significant.

According to google, to refer is mention or allude to, or to pass a matter to another body for a decision. To endorse is to declare one’s public approval or support of. Visually speaking I imagine a referral as a robotic arm moving an object from point A to point B. In contrast I imagine an endorsement like a hand delivered Valentine. Nothing could be more lovely or affirming.

The beginning of a new year brings fresh opportunities and new goals. Both professionally and personally I have chosen to make 2016 about participation. As I meet new people, I’ll be keeping these two words in mind encouraging myself to dig deeper and have meaningful exchanges in order to give endorsements and not just make referrals.



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