Get the Full Picture

A picture’s worth a thousand words. We’ve all heard this a million times. It’s hard to convey information without a visual portrayal. What my mind sees can be completely different from what your mind sees. We could try to describe something but come up short where one photo could say it all for us.

But a photo won’t suffice in all cases. Imagine if I posted a photo of myself to my website but neglected to follow it up with any information. You’d get a rough idea of my age, looks and style but the rest would be left to your imagination. Would you hire me? Hard to know because you’d need more information.

A well-crafted bio uses the right words to convey experience, professionalism and personality. Post your photo to give your customers a familiar face but post your bio to give your customers a vision of your business. A great bio doesn’t need to be a thousand words; you already have your picture for that.

Contact me at to write your bio.

Check out for your copywriting needs.

Check out this link: “Bicycles built based on people’s attempts to draw them from memory”. to appreciate just how differently we visualize things.

Half Picture
Get the full picture. Add a bio to your website.

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