Attention Grab

Match the brilliance of the foliage and color up you online content. … More Attention Grab


Get the Full Picture

A picture’s worth a thousand words. We’ve all heard this a million times. It’s hard to convey information without a visual portrayal. What my mind sees can be completely different from what your mind sees. We could try to describe something but come up short where one photo could say it all for us. But a photo … More Get the Full Picture

Say What You Want

“Say what you wanna say And let the words fall out Honestly I wanna see you be brave” ~ Lyrics from Brave by Sara Bareilles Why is it so hard to say what we want to say? Sometimes words elude us during highly charged moments where emotion takes center stage. Sometimes we choose to not … More Say What You Want

It’s All About You

We’ve all been asked, “So what do you do?” or “Tell me about yourself?”. Suddenly the easiest question to answer renders us speechless. It’s easy to endorse others, shining up the good parts and downplaying the non-essential, but talking about ourselves can seem downright boastful. If it’s difficult to talk about ourselves, writing our own “About Page” is nearly … More It’s All About You

Referral or Endorsement

I was at a networking meeting today where a member spoke on the difference between referral and endorsement. As a lover of words and nuance, he was speaking my language. On the surface these words are similar, but dig a little deeper and we discover their difference is significant. According to google, to refer is mention or allude to, … More Referral or Endorsement


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